Deborah Samuel's last words before her death were revealed by a classmate.


Deborah Samuel, a student at Sokoto's Shehu Shagari College of Education, was slain on Thursday for reportedly "making blasphemous words about Prophet Muhammad (SAW)." Before she died, she asked for mercy and cried out for aid.

Deborah's last words, according to one of her classmates, Rakia, were, "What do you want to achieve with this?"

Deborah was flogged, killed, and burned, she said, and it was the most horrifying thing she had ever observed.

"Deborah was a classmate of mine. I had just entered the classroom when the ruckus on her voice note began.

"It was begun by her own classmates. Deborah, according to one of them, taunted them by refusing to apologise when she was asked to. 

It all started with a discussion about the approaching exam on a private WhatsApp group made for our classmates. 

When one of the students inquired about how she passed the last semester's exam, she replied, "Jesus o." Almost immediately, two Muslims and one Christian messaged her, begging her to recant her statement.

'Holy Ghost fire,' she replied through voice message on the platform. Nothing is going to happen to me." Is it by force that you guys will continue to provide religious material to this group? The group wasn't intended for that, but rather to serve as a reminder for tests, assignments, and exams, not for religious posts.'

"We were told that several young males were brought in from the outside before to the outburst." I was in class when a few of our classmates barged in, exclaiming, "There is fire on the mountain o."

Rakia went on to say that the Muslim students brought in strangers to seek for Deborah, and that several classmates tried to help her escape by getting a cab waiting outside to take her straight to the police station, but that the mob overcame everyone who tried to rescue her.

"The final thing she said was, 'What do you want to accomplish with this?' Some of our classmates were already calling some of our lecturers to try to save the situation. I found out she had been set on fire when I returned home. I've been seeing flashes of her begging expression since the tragedy.

She cried out for aid and screamed for mercy, but it was too late. "What a sad death," she remarked.


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