Nollywood Actor Kalu Ikeagwu, takes his wife to court for "deserting the matrimonial home."


Nollywood Actor Kalu Ikeagwu, takes his wife to court for "deserting the matrimonial home."
Kalu Ikeagwu, a prominent Nollywood actor, told an Ikeja High Court on Monday how his separated wife, Ijeoma, allegedly fled their matrimonial home and denied him access to their two children.

Ikeagwu is seeking the dissolution of his six-year marriage to Ijeoma in the petition LD/8939HD/2021, according to the Nigerian News Agency (NAN).

In addition, the star wants full custody of his three-year-old son and ten-year-old stepdaughter.

Ikeagwu said his wife packed out of his house and sent him a mail saying she was on her way to her father's house in Enugu under cross-examination by the respondent's counsel, Mrs S.I. Amedu.

He, on the other hand, stated that, contrary to her story, he later met her with the children at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport after a few days.

"On Aug. 4, 2021, I returned home from a trip to discover that my wife had departed our matrimonial house with the children to an undisclosed place," he stated.

"When I got to the house, I tried to call her but it was empty.

"She told me she was at her father's place in Enugu and four days later, I spotted her at the airport in Lagos, travelling to God knows where." I sent her an email on the same day, and she answered that she had gone to her father's house in Enugu. She stated in her mail that she was in Enugu."

Ikeagwu also refuted claims that he evicted his wife and children and failed to pay for their needs.

The star reportedly claimed that his wife refused him sex and splashed water on him while he was sleeping in court.

The petitioner further claimed he was unaware that when they were together, his wife lost a pregnancy due to a Sexually Transmitted Infection.

"She has refused to have intercourse with me since the birth of our kid. "To date, I have not seen any report attached to a document indicating she lost a baby due to an infection because I did not give her any infection." He added, "I didn't ask her why she lost the baby because I didn't ask her why she lost the baby."

Ikeagwu claims he stopped giving money to his stepdaughter's care and maintenance because his wife denied he was the father.

He went on to say that she accused him of attempting to sleep with the child and that she had refused to acknowledge the money he had sent her.

"I sent money to them the final time in November 2021. "I stopped sending money because my wife denied that I was the father of my stepdaughter and accused me of trying to sleep with her," the actor explained.

Justice Christopher Balogun had previously ordered the children to play in court with their father and the respondent to provide receipts for the children's tuition payments.

"You can't deny the children the greatest education even if you're quarrelling with your wife," Balogun remarked, citing the Child's Right Act.

Why should I award you custody of a 10-year-old girl while her mother is alive if I should grant you a divorce on the basis of a ruling, and if your wife is in Enugu and you are in Lagos?

The Supreme Court ruled that children of that age require the care and attention of their biological mother, not the wealth of their father. "The only reason the girl child should not be in the custody of the mother is if the mother is mentally deranged or if the issue of infidelity is involved," the court said.

Assuming the girl's monthly cycle has begun, you as a father are at a loss on what to do. The blood will make you squeamish. A delicate female girl. "Your situation has gotten worse since you've been accused," he explained.

The case was continued until June 23 to allow for a continuation of the hearing.

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