The Federal Government is keeping an eye on Facebook in relation to IPOB.


FACEBOOK and other social media platforms have been warned against allowing members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to use their platforms to incite violence and ethnic hatred in Nigeria.

The instruction was issued by the Federal Government through Information, Culture, and Tourism Minister Lai Mohammed during a meeting with a Facebook team.

According to a statement signed by his media aide, Mr. Segun Adeyemi, since IPOB has been proscribed and classified as a terrorist organisation, Facebook has no justification to continue allowing the organisation to use its platform to further its campaign of hatred and destabilisation of the country.

"I have called this meeting to discuss the increasing use of Facebook by separatists and anarchists, particularly those based outside the country, to incite violence and ethnic hatred in Nigeria," Mohammed was quoted as saying. For whatever reason, they appear to have settled on Facebook as their preferred platform. "They use Facebook broadcasts to reach their thousands of followers, and their tools include disinformation, incendiary statements, and hate speech." They label those who oppose their violent methods as "saboteurs," who must be attacked, maimed, and killed. They use both English and their native language as needed."

He stated that the illegal group's actions have real-world consequences, adding, "By spreading hatred and inciting violence, people are being killed, while private and public property is being attacked and destroyed." Security agencies and other government symbols are popular targets."

According to the minister, despite numerous complaints to Facebook about IPOB's activities on the social media platform, nothing has been done by the company to limit the group's excesses on the platform.

"Our social media people have been monitoring these separatists, anarchists, and purveyors of hate, and have reported their atrocious actions to Facebook, but all they get are default responses that their complaints have been received and are being investigated," he said.

"Most of the time, nothing is done about such complaints... The truth is that whatever Facebook does to check these people is merely symbolic and ineffective."

Mohammed stated that the government would closely monitor Facebook and other platforms in the coming days to ensure compliance with the demand, as it ramps up its campaign for responsible social media use.

"We have always advocated for responsible social media use and have consistently called on all stakeholders to join us in achieving this," he said. Some have accused us of attempting to stifle social media.

"They are incorrect, because we have no intention of discouraging Nigerians from using social media responsibly." "All we've been advocating is responsible social media use," the minister explained.


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