11 released victims of the Kaduna train attack are unwell and emotionally unstable, according to their families.


Families of eleven passengers on the Abuja-Kaduna train who were recently released by terrorists say their loved ones are unwell, mentally ill, and traumatised.

After nearly three months in captivity, the terrorists who attacked the Abuja-Kaduna bound AK9 train on March 28 released 11 of the 61 abducted train passengers.

The 11 victims were released on Saturday, June 11, according to Alhaji Tukur Mamu, the negotiator and media adviser for controversial preacher Sheikh Ahmad Gumi.

The family members announced the latest development in Kaduna on Wednesday, June 15, while praising the Federal Government's efforts to secure their loved ones' release.

Dr Abdulfatah Jimoh, the chairman of the victims' families, whose wife was one of the liberated 11, also indicated that some of the remaining 50 passengers in custody are sick, while others are mentally unstable.

The families of the victims urged the federal government to step up efforts to free the remaining 50 passengers who are still being held captive.

"On the 77th day since our loved ones were kidnapped in the AK-9 Abuja-Kaduna Train, we are here to praise God Almighty and thank Mr President, the Service Chiefs, and other Nigerians for their efforts in securing the release of 11 of our loved ones," Dr. Jimoh remarked.

"We are also stating that 50 of our loved ones remain in captivity, and we are praying that they will be released and reunited with us very soon."

Those who were released are currently examining their hospital treatment; they had experienced a great deal of stress over the course of 77 days, including mental trauma, psychological trauma, and mental torture. They have a mental illness. As a result, they are still recovering. We're hoping they'll be back to their old selves shortly." According to the information we have, some of those remaining in custody are sick. As a result, we're pleading with the federal government to save them as soon as possible.

"Even those who aren't physically ill are in poor mental health, therefore everyone in there needs to get out as soon as possible; every day they stay is a day of trauma." We're hoping, praying, and pleading for all of them to be rescued as soon as possible."

Rakiya Lawal Othman, whose sister was one of the 11 victims who were liberated, said her brother is still in the terrorists' nest.

According to Othman, her sister sobbed hysterically when the terrorists ordered her to leave, knowing that she would be leaving her brother in the wilderness.

She, on the other hand, urged the Federal Government to speed up the process of negotiating with the kidnappers in order to free the others as soon as possible.


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