2023 presidency - Igbos are self-centered and unprepared for the presidency, according to Ned Nwoko.


Nigerian entrepreneur Ned Nwoko has claimed that the Igbos are self-centered and unprepared for the presidency in 2023.

Despite the fact that the Igbos have been yearning for the presidency, delegates' votes during the primaries revealed differently, according to him.

He claimed that Igbos were self-centered and focused on themselves rather than others, which is why he believes most delegates preferred candidates from other tribes rather than Igbos.

"Igbos are not ready for the presidency," Nwoko remarked in an interview with BBC Igbo. It is not enough to simply talk about it; we are not prepared, and I am referring to both the political elite and the electorate. The outcome of the delegates would have showed whether the people are ready for an Igbo presidency. 

Few delegates from the East voted for Igbo candidates; instead, they voted for someone else for other reasons. Inquire of Imo delegates why they chose someone other than Umahi.

"Igbos are largely self-centered; the typical Igbo guy is preoccupied with himself more than the welfare of others." They would stick with an Igbo person if they were. I feel that the finest Nigerian should come from anyplace; I've never believed in zoning and instead believe in merit."

Nwoko, on the other hand, finished by declaring that zoning is "the least of our difficulties in Nigeria," and that it is "the least of our concerns."

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