An engineer is accused of stabbing his wife and son after they refused to return home due to domestic violence.


A woman is fighting for her life in the hospital after her husband allegedly stabbed her in Kaduna.

Haruna Emmanuel allegedly stabbed Victoria Emmanuel, 39, after she left him because of domestic abuse.

Since she married her spouse 16 years ago, Victoria is claimed to have been subjected to domestic violence.

Haruna nearly strangled her in December 2021, so she left their home in Kaduna.

Haruna then paid a visit to Victoria at her new home last Friday, May 27, ostensibly with his children. He implored Victoria to return home while he was there, but she insisted on signing an undertaking beforehand, according to Punch.

He allegedly stabbed her and their son in a fit of rage.

According to a source at Punch, "On the 28th of December, 2021, she was beaten. He was on the verge of strangling her. She filed a complaint with a human rights organisation and moved out of his home. Her parents found her a new place to live. 

She would have left Kaduna if she hadn't been enrolled in school there." Since she married him 16 years ago, this has been her way of dealing with the torment. He would come with various ministers of God to see her parents every time she left the house, and he would cry and swear not to do it again, but it continued.

"He has signed commitments on at least three occasions, but he has never kept them. He signed one with her parents, one with the Sabo Police Station, and one with the DSS office. Because of the conditions, he declined to sign at the human rights organisation.

"He stated he planned to bring his children with him last Friday; those children were with him, but he sent them to their mother when they became ill. She didn't intervene, but he afterwards apologised and expressed his desire to have her back in his life." He declined to sign the fourth undertaking when she asked him to. He fled with her second son after she refused to move in with him."

Victoria told the publication that she was going to walk out of the hospital after her husband begged her to return home multiple times when he grabbed her by the neck and stabbed her in the chest and other parts of her body.

Haruna allegedly stabbed their son, according to Victoria.

She stated, 

"My son, who accompanied my husband, returned panting and sweating. His father returned shortly after and began pleading with me for forgiveness; I told him that I had forgiven him but that I couldn't stay with him. 

I was about to walk out when he grabbed my neck from behind and stabbed me in the right chest with force, shouting, 'Die!' He had a knife with him and stabbed me in the right chest with force.

"He took the knife from his pocket and stabbed me in the left and right hands. He also went for my neck, but I was able to avoid it. He stabbed me in the back with a knife. My son was yelling at him, pleading with him not to murder me.

"Neighbors attempted to open the door but were unable. My son mustered the strength to shove him away. 

He stabbed my son in the stomach with the knife. Before neighbours came to our assistance, the kid narrowly escaped another attempt to stab him."

Haruna managed to flee and hasn't been seen since.


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