If elected president, Umahi will transform Nigeria – Ugwu


Engr. Frank Ngwu, Special Assistant to the Ebonyi State Government on Infrastructure Development for Concession and Road Maintenance, said that if Governor David Umahi is elected President of Nigeria in 2023, he will transform Nigeria in the same way that he has transformed Ebonyi State.

According to Ngwu, Umahi has developed Ebonyi State to an exceptional level with the few resources available, and if elected President of Nigeria, he will work wonders.

He urged Nigerians to back Umahi's presidential bid in 2023 so that the country can undergo the necessary transition.

Ngwu, who is the supervising engineer on the ongoing Muhammadu Buhari Airport project in Onueke, Ebonyi State, made the remarks in Abakaliki after being honoured as an astute engineer by the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Correspondents' Chapel, Ebonyi State, to celebrate her 2022 Press Week.

He explained that Umahi had not only lowered the cost of project implementation in the state from previous levels, but had also implemented a quality project policy.

"You can observe the state's development from the commencement of this government, there are projects dispersed everywhere," Ngwu added. The projects are of the finest quality, and Ebonyi State is the only region in Nigeria where you can find them. In Ebonyi, the government is in charge of the largest project. People are curious as to where the governor obtains these resources and monies. 

The answer is simple: careful resource management, because overburdening of government spending in contract awarding is what kills government projects, budget processes, and budget implementation from federal to so many other states. But governor Umahi, who has the fear of God and is also a Project Engineer and a Structural Engineer, understands what cost of production means and has brought it to light in Ebonyi State, despite the fact that he is in politics.

"As a result, he decided to decrease the project's implementation costs from where they were to the bare minimum, and that is the result that we are all seeing in Ebonyi State." So, I'd like to take this opportunity to ask members of the press to inform Nigerians and the rest of the world that we have Umahi, who wields the magic wand and possesses the necessary skills to transmit what he is doing in Ebonyi State to the rest of the country, and that the opportunity has presented itself. Now that Umahi is running for President of Nigeria, he has the potential to take what he has accomplished in Ebonyi State and apply it to the entire country. 

Other states should learn from what Umahi means by good governance, wise use of public resources, and doing government projects as if they were personal initiatives, which he has done very well in Ebonyi State. Every part of the country will develop as a result, as will the entire country.


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