Islamic group wants justice for a student who was allegedly slain in Kwara Hijab incident


The Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, has expressed displeasure with the decision to reopen Baptist High School in Oyun, where a crisis erupted earlier this year over the school's alleged refusal to comply with the State government's directive allowing the wearing of hijab in all public schools in the state.

The Kwara State Government (KWSG) reopened Baptist High School yesterday.

MURIC, on the other hand, is demanding justice for Habeeb Idris, a 20-year-old Muslim who was allegedly slain during the protest.

Professor Ishaq Akintola, the group's leader, said in a statement released on Friday that the murder case had been brushed under the rug.

"The Kwara State Government (KWSG) yesterday reopened Baptist High School, Oyun, where a crisis developed in February 2022 due to the school administrators' unwillingness to respect the state government's mandate legalising the usage of hijab in all schools in the state," the announcement says in part.

While we are not interested in interfering with the students' educational pursuits, we are concerned that no arrest has been made in the case of Habeeb Idris, a 20-year-old Muslim student who was fatally shot during a demonstration outside the school's gate by fully armed Baptist mission members who had gathered inside the school to prevent hijab-clad female Muslim students from gaining entrance.

While we applaud the school's reopening and fully support the KWSG's position on the government's ownership of all public schools, we are disappointed by the government's silence on the murder of Habeeb Idris.

“Habeeb was shot by someone inside the school. It's a deliberate assassination. What are shooters doing inside a school if not to kill students? Four additional kids were macheted, and their injuries ranged from minor to severe. Members of the Baptist mission were willing to kill in order to impose their agenda on the state government as well as on innocent Muslim pupils. They had the noun'murder,' the verb 'to kill,' and they were capable of carrying it out. "Those bloodthirsty zealots should not be let off lightly." In a statement, KWSG stated that the school was opened to restore normalcy. Normalcy, on the other hand, cannot exist without peace, and justice is the soul of peace. Unless KWSG is looking for tranquilly in the graveyard, it must pursue justice by apprehending Habeeb Idris' killers. Young Habeeb's spirit cries out for justice.

"We're asking the Nigerian Police to explain why Muslim life is so cheap that when a Muslim is slain, nothing occurs, but when a Christian is killed, the police rush into action."

We urge that the men of the Nigerian Police's Kwara State Command take action. Nigerians are forced to seek self-help as a result of such a lukewarm attitude. It is in charge of mob behaviour. When it comes to human life, justice must not only be done, but also shown to have been done."


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