Lagos resident killed by two herders after a cow was crushed


On Monday, two unidentified cattle herders are said to have killed a man by stabbing him to death in retaliation for the killing of a cow near Agemowo in the Badagry region of Lagos State.

According to information obtained by INFOGONG, a commercial bus crushed the cow to death when the herders were crossing the freeway with their animals.

The herders were incensed by the incident and approached the driver to demand money for the deceased cow.

It was discovered that the demand for payment sparked a dispute that turned violent, during which the herders allegedly fatally stabbed the victim.

A confrontation between local herders and vehicles allegedly resulted from the victim's death, according to an eyewitness who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

He claimed, "I live nearby the bus stop where the incident occurred and saw the action from a distance, but I couldn't get close due to the conflict between the Fulani herders and motorists in the neighbourhood. The driver agreed to pay N500,000 to the herders after being restrained and forced to pay for the dead cow. 

However, several drivers that stopped stated that the bus driver was not at blame for the incident and should not be held responsible, as the Fulani will be held responsible if the case goes to court. 

The Fulani herdsmen and the motorists got into a heated disagreement over this, and it turned into a battle. A bus driver lost his life as a result.

SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the state police public relations officer, verified the event and said that two individuals were in arrest.

He said, "This morning near Agemowo, Badagry, a commercial vehicle struck two cows, killing one of the cows. The bus conductor was killed after two livestock herders attacked a person they thought was the conductor of the vehicle. 

Residents who were upset about the incident stopped the highway. Soldiers from the 243 Recce Battalion, Badagry, along with the DPO, Morogbo division, were able to remove the barrier. Since then, the area has returned to normal. The claim that the victim was turned away when he sought safety in a police station is wholly untrue.

"He never managed to leave the accident scene, much less get to the station. The two herders have been detained in the interim. The inquiry is still ongoing. A later date will bring updates.


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