Mbaka is embroiled in yet another scandal, with fans on the rampage.


Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, Catholic Priest and Spiritual Director of the Adoration Ministry, is back in the news after dabbling in politics as Nigerians get closer to the 2023 election.

His current predicament began when he criticised Mr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party's presidential candidate.

Mbaka, who is notorious for his political prognostications, said that Obi will never be elected President of Nigeria because he is a stingy man.

This is not the first time the controversial Catholic Priest has verbally abused Obi, according to INFOGONG.

Mbaka's anger with Obi dates back to 2019, when the former governor, who was then the Peoples Democratic Party's (PDP) presidential candidate and Atiku Abubakar's running mate, visited the Adoration ministry but neglected to make a monetary donation.

Instead, Obi had asked to be shown a project so that he might lend his support.

Mbaka, on the other hand, was not having it. Mbaka, enraged by Obi's actions, had made some disparaging remarks about him and the PDP.

Because of Obi's actions, the controversial cleric predicted that PDP will lose the presidential election at the time.

Following the uproar, Mbaka issued an apology to Obi in a viral video, emphasising that he never meant to mock him.

Mbaka recently claimed that he apologised under pressure because his Bishop demanded it.

It was discovered that between 1999 and 2007, Governor Chimaroke Nnamani of Enugu State was the target of Mbaka's inflammatory predictions, which he claimed as being in defence of Enugu State's impoverished.

He had promised at the time that if Nnamani was re-elected, he would take off his cassock. All of that is now history, as Nnamani was not only re-elected, but twice elected to the Senate.

When Chimaraoke stepped down, the priest turned to Sullivan Chime, his replacement.

Mbaka prophesied the demise of the PDP and former President Goodluck Jonathan in the run-up to the 2015 general elections.

When President Muhammadu Buhari's All Progressives Congress won a historic victory in 2015, many of his supporters cited the clarity of his prophecy as proof that he had heard from God.

Mbaka's supporters were unconcerned about the reality that an administration that was supposed to better their lives had presided over seven years of insecurity and poverty.

After the 2015 elections, however, the cleric had a falling out with the administration, with allegations that Mbaka was courting government contracts from the White House. The pastor refuted this.

Mbaka has called for Buhari's impeachment if he did not resign due to the country's insecurity following the rift with the current administration.

The Catholic priest "disappeared" shortly after his call, and his whereabouts are unknown.

To that aim, Mbaka's supporters and supporters gave the Federal Government a 48-hour deadline to produce him. While the DSS has been accused of selecting the priest, the secret police's spokesman, Peter Afunanya, has denied any participation in his reported disappearance.

Mbaka's abduction was later determined to be owing to an invitation he accepted from Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Most Rev. Callistus Onaga.

Onaga had strategically detained Mbaka at the Bishop's court in an attempt to prevent him from making additional anti-Federal Government remarks. His ministry was then put on hold for a month, during which time he was asked to enter a period of prayer.

According to INFOGONG, one year later, he is embroiled in a new wave of controversy, which has resulted in the Adoration Ministry's indefinite suspension.

His latest attack on Peter Obi is believed to have embarrassed and enraged Catholic Church authorities, especially since the Catholic Bishops urged priests not to use the pulpit for such statements last year in Enugu after their conference. Mbaka, on the other hand, has found it difficult to follow the directive.

Anthony Ehilebo, the PDP's Head of New Media, commented on the new situation, accusing the priest of tarnishing the Catholic church's reputation.

Mbaka and other clerics, Ehilebo said, should use caution when making public remarks.

The Abuja-based lawyer told INFOGONG that priests should learn to distinguish between religion and politics.

"I believe we should keep religion out of politics; religion and politics do not mix," he remarked. However, religion can play a role when the overall welfare of people is at stake, rather than when it becomes a personal attack on individuals. When it comes to Mbaka, we may make a lot of noise since he has made some political statements; he responds when he is furious, makes comments, then apologises. 

"I think we should be mindful with our public comments, especially if we have a certain amount of followership," she says. It's understood when a regular person speaks; yet, when a clergyman speaks, it's regarded seriously. This is why clerics should be careful with their statements. Some remarks are aimed at politicians rather than clergy. 

When a topic is broad enough or there is a direct concern relating to religion, such as when Christians or Muslims are killed, a priest, pastor, or Imam can speak, and you will notice the holiness of that voice of purpose. You can't argue someone like Bishop Kukah isn't objective. 

When he speaks, you can see that he carefully selects his words. Kukah explains himself and rationalises his statement. 

Mbaka is jeopardising my future; it appears that he is going wrong; and what about the church's elders? Is it because they are unable to exercise the powers that have been granted to them?" 

I saw the video where he was attempting to persuade Peter Obi to donate money, and it promotes greed. How can you explain asking people to donate N25 million if you don't know how they made that money?

"I believe there should be prudence, and individuals should be held to certain standards, even if we are so emotional," says the author.

Meanwhile, Mbaka's supporters flocked to the streets again on Sunday, asking that the Adoration Ministry be reopened, much like they did when he was detained last year.

Mbaka's supporters, who protested by calling Bishop Onaga all kinds of derogatory names, threw caution to the wind, with some of them unable to articulate what the Bishop had done wrong.

'Onaga Must Go' was all they chanted.

Mbaka, on the other hand, has spoken out against the demonstration, claiming that it was not his idea.

"My attention has been attracted to events that took place in the Adoration ground this Sunday (19/06/2022)," Mbaka said in a statement he personally signed.

I am not a part of such an action in any way. On June 17, 2022, my Bishop, His Excellency Most Rev CVC Onaga, issued a directive, which we obeyed. May I thus call to the faithful, particularly members of Adoration Ministry Enugu, Nigeria, to remain calm and united with the body of Christ in the Diocese, and to refrain from any acts of violence, whether physical or verbal. Those that abuse or insult my dear Bishop should refrain from doing so. "The Bishop is the Chief Shepherd of the Church in the Diocese, and we are required to be courteous, obedient, and willing to respond favourably to his apostolic directions in every way and at all times." Please accept my apologies for reminding you that all Adoration activities have been halted till further notice.

"Ministry of Adoration" Nigeria's Enugu is always obedient to the mother Church. "I implore all adorers to be aware of this and to continue to pray for the manifestation of God's will in the Ministry's life." Under the supervision of the Diocese's Chief Shepherd, the Adoration Ministry's life is in God's hands. I swear allegiance to my Bishop once more. Masses should be attended on a regular basis by adorers. I ask for your prayers, and I promise to pray for you at this difficult time. I offer up to the Holy Trinity our dear Diocese, the Adoration Ministry, the Adorers, and myself.

"Our Blessed Mother Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help, will assist us in overcoming this difficult time"


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