Men who assault women require psychological assistance, according to Hilda Dokubo.


Hilda Dokubo, a veteran actress, is adamant that Nollywood is not to blame for incidences of domestic violence in society.

"The portrayal has always been suited to the culture being depicted in the movie," she stated in an interview with Sunday Scoop. We (Nollywood) are a reflection of society that offers remedies. I don't believe that Nollywood is completely to blame for the way women are treated."

In addition, the actress noted that religion and culture cannot be completely blameless in incidents of domestic violence. "Cultural and religious organisations are the 'creators' of gender," she explained. They're the ones who say things like, "This is male and female; one is superior while the other is inferior." 

God never divided men and women in such a way. "Men and women were made on the same level." Traditional and religious leaders must ensure that everyone, including children, is safe. 

Because of the things they (religious and traditional leaders) endorse, people should not be rendered vulnerable or exposed to risk. Whatever is authorised remains in place, and what remains in place becomes a tradition."

"It depends on what the abuse is," the actress remarked when asked if leaving an abusive marriage is the solution to domestic violence. My initial suggestion is that you stay at home. 

My initial course of action will be to speak with the victim or the perpetrator of the abuse. If the abuse is verbal, financial, psychological, or emotional, this is the case. If this is the case, I will inform the abuser that the victim can no longer tolerate the abuse. The reason for this is that people are unaware that their activities are harming their partner. 

However, if the abuse is physical, I recommend that the victim leave the situation immediately. A man who has the ability to hit a lady cannot be foreseen. A mental examination is required for such a person."

Though some argue that having one's own money reduces the likelihood of a woman being abused by a male, Dokubo claims that women do not have to face the 'responsibility' of keeping men from being violent against them. "Have you also considered the possibility that a man without money could become an abuser (as a result)?" she said. 

Why do we have to put all of the blame on women? I agree that every woman needs her own money and a career, but we should not blame another person for a person's proclivity for violence: "The male is the violent one." 

Why don't we figure out what's causing him to be so violent? Let's not get our facts jumbled up. Anyone who is violent enough to hit his life partner is mentally ill. He requires psychological assistance and should be isolated from the general public."

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