Putin has threatened to hit 'new targets' if the US continues to equip Ukraine with long-range missiles.


According to Russian official media, Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to hit 'new targets' if the US supplies Ukraine with long-range missiles.

Delivering new armaments to Kyiv, according to Putin, is merely intended to "stretch out the armed struggle for as long as possible," Russian state media TASS said on Sunday, June 5.

When it comes to Western delivery of long-range missiles to Kyiv, he said Russia will draw "proper conclusions" and strike "facilities" it hasn't yet targeted.

"If they are given, we will draw proper conclusions from this and use our own weapons, of which we have many," Putin stated, referring to the situation involving the supply of American multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) to Ukraine.

His remarks came after US Vice President Joe Biden declared on Tuesday, May 31, that the US will supply additional advanced missile systems to Ukraine, potentially tipping the conflict in Ukraine's favour.

Putin criticised the US for "injecting massive sums of money" into the Russian economy to counteract the effects of the coronavirus outbreak, which resulted in inflation and a "unfavourable situation in the food market," because "first and foremost, food prices went up."

Another cause of the food and energy market issue, according to Putin, is "the short-sighted strategy of European countries, and above all the European Commission, in the energy sector."

"Among other things, the Europeans ignored our urgent demands to maintain long-term contracts for the same natural gas supply to European countries, and they began to (terminate the contracts)... The European energy market suffered as a result of this: prices began to rise. "Russia has nothing to do with it," he stated emphatically.

Fertilizer costs rose in lockstep with gas prices "Because some of these fertilisers are produced, notably at the expense of gas, their price has quickly increased. Everything is linked together "Putin went on to say.

"However, we warned about it, and it has nothing to do with any Russian military activity," Putin stated.


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