The PDP condemns the attack on the Owo church and accuses the APC government of participation.


Over 50 innocent worshippers were killed during a church service at St. Francis Catholic Church in Owo, Ondo State, according to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

In a statement issued by the PDP's National Publicity Secretary, Hon Debo Ologunagba, the party said it's surprising that the terrorists stormed the church, opened fire on worshippers, and killed Nigerians in cold blood while going unpunished.

The suspected cooperation of the All Progressives Congress (APC) federal government has emboldened terrorists, according to the report.

The attack was also blamed by the opposition party on the federal government's perceived inability to fight terrorists head-on.

According to the PDP, the APC administration is handing over control of a substantial chunk of Nigeria's territory to terrorists, who are currently spreading their reign of terror and territorial occupancy throughout the country.

It chastised the APC-led federal government for allegedly turning a blind eye as "outlaws relentlessly ravage the country, slaughter Nigerians, and kidnap countless civilians."

It expressed concern that this act could be part of an APC strategy to terrorise Nigerians in order to inflame tensions and delay the 2023 general elections.

The PDP questioned how President Buhari can sleep at night after witnessing "the brutal murder and killing of our citizens on a daily basis."

"It is distressing and traumatising to witness horrific photographs and recordings of children and the elderly slaughtered in cold blood this morning by terrorists, with President Buhari and his apologists playing stupid by deodorising murderers as bandits," the statement said in part.

President Buhari and his government have irreversibly failed to fulfil government's primary mission of providing security and wellbeing to its population. This President has entirely abandoned his duties, has grown numb to daily tales of terrorist killings, abductions, and kidnappings, and has been gone when our country most needed him.

"It is now obvious that President Buhari is incapable, inept, and lacks the capacity and integrity to serve as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria." He is a terrible leader, and history will judge him and his administration harshly for their abject failure in government."

President Buhari has been charged by the PDP to uphold his oath of office by promptly addressing the public on steps to end the country's human carnage and restore the country's sense of leadership, which has been missing for the past seven years.


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