Two more women have accused Lagos Bishop of rape.


Bishop Daniels, the founder of a church in Lagos State, has been accused of rape by two additional women.

The two women who came out with their story after another lady revealed the cleric's alleged activity told INFOGONG that he summoned them from their branches to his residence in Lekki, Lagos State, alleging they had committed transgressions for which they would be punished before sleeping with them.

The two most recent victims revealed that they had also filed a complaint with the FCID about the matter, shortly after the FCID's spokesperson, Niyi Ogundeyi, stated Daniels had been arrested and jailed for six days over the earlier allegation.

Daniels also raped one of the ex-worshippers twice, according to one of the ex-worshippers, who also claimed that the pastor made her lose consciousness once.

"He invited me to his residence in Lekki, Lagos, for punishment, and when I arrived, he commanded me to grab an alcoholic drink right away," she stated.

He commanded me to drink it after he got it, but I resisted. He became enraged when I refused to drink it and kept pressuring me to do so. He urged me to keep drinking till I was unconscious after I finished a little bit. 

After he woke me up the next day, I found myself naked. As he walked away, he told me he was going out and instructed me not to open the door for anyone. "I was absolutely naked, and I could feel his sperm about my private regions. 

While I was cleaning myself, a church member, Rachael, knocked on the door. When I opened the door, she walked inside to get something and then exited. When Daniels returned, I told him Rachael had arrived, and he became enraged because I had opened the door for her, and he began questioning whether she had seen me naked.

"I arrived from Ekiti State to his place, but he chased me out at 4 p.m. Around 7 p.m., I arrived to the park to board a bus to Ekiti, and the bus left for Ekiti around 9 p.m. We had to make a pit stop along the road because it was very late. The next day, we arrived in Ekiti at 7 a.m."

Another former churchgoer claimed Daniel used the same suspension and punishment tactics to entice her to his Lagos home, where he reportedly raped her.

"I didn't do anything wrong in church," 

she explained, 

"but I was abruptly told that I had been suspended and that I was to go to Lagos." "Tell the assistant pastor of our branch that I'm reporting to the church in Lagos instead of his house," Daniels said. I hadn't even dropped my backpack or taken a break from the long drive when he suggested I go naked. 'Go naked like how?' 

I asked, and he slapped me. I was scared because I was alone with him. I quickly stripped off my clothing, and when he saw me naked, he advised me to take a bath. He later asked if I drank alcohol, to which I said that I did not. 

He told me there was a form of alcohol I could drink that was pleasant. He offered me the alcoholic beverage, I drank it, became inebriated, and he began making sexual moves toward me. I protested even in my state, but he forced intercourse with me. I needed to get out of his house and get back to school."

Daniels allegedly raped her on many times, according to the lady, and he was also a heavy drinker.

"I don't know; it was like I was afraid; everyone is scared of him," she replied when asked why she kept going to Daniels' house despite her experience. 

He manipulated me in a variety of ways when I was 18 years old. He would sometimes entice me to drink or take pills, then have sex with me while I was unconscious. 

He would sometimes simply order me to strip down and have sex with me forcefully. This has been confirmed by other victims. With me, he didn't act like he was a preacher. 

I witnessed him consume booze to the point where he became disoriented and vomited throughout the room. He also made me pledge not to inform anyone by giving me various items. 

The second encounter was far more unpleasant. He brought a lot of ladies to his place, gave them substances to take, and said he was counselling them despite forcing sex with me. When I was 18, he forced me to do things that were beyond my years. 

After I left his house and church, the events had such an impact on me that I had to stop talking to people and use sleeping pills. I want justice so that other victims can be saved."

The two victims gave statements against Daniels, according to FCID spokesperson Ogundeyi.

"Apart from the initial complainant (assistant pastor), two additional victims have stated he raped them," he said. Apart from these three victims, we anticipate to hear from two more women who claim to have been sexually abused by Bishop Daniels."

The woman who originally went forward with the rape claim against Bishop Daniels has also expressed her displeasure with being accused for paying him a visit.

"There was a six-month gap between my first and second experiences," she explained. I knew he wasn't alone when I went to his place. 

At his residence, I met a preacher and his fiancée, and we all slept there." The pastor and his fiancée departed the next day, and he assaulted me when he realised I was alone with him. 

"I knew at that time that I needed evidence and started doing dumb to get it," she said, referring to a church member's claim of sexual assault against Daniels and how he went to great lengths to ensure she had no evidence. To deceive victims, he exploited the names of revered clerics. I have recordings and conversations with him to back up my claim. 

In reality, he would frequently instruct me to erase my chats with him, which I would do after taking a screen shot and sending to a trusted friend. All of the evidence has been presented to the FCID in Alagbon. Because of the protection of others, he must be stopped."


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