Zamfara Residents Urged to Arm Against Bandits


Residents in Zamfara State have been urged to arm themselves in case of bandits.

Zamfara authorities ordered the Commissioner of Police to give gun licences to people entitled to bear guns in response to the state's high rate of attacks.

The administration declared that it is prepared to make it easier for citizens, particularly farmers, to get simple guns for self-defense.

"Following increase in bandit activities in various parts of the state and government commitment to ensure adequate security and protection of lives and property of the citizenry in the state, particularly during this rainy season, government has resolved to take further measures to deal with the recent escalating attacks, kidnapping, and the criminal levies being applied to our innocent communities," reads a statement from the government.

The state's citizens and administration have been worried and concerned about this terrorist incident. Government must therefore adopt the following actions in order to address the issue in our respective communities in a decisive manner:

The government has ordered people to start preparing and getting guns so they can protect themselves from bandits. Additionally, the government has told the state commissioner of police to grant licences to anyone who meets the requirements and wants to get guns to protect themselves. 

The government is prepared to make it easier for citizens, particularly our farmers, to obtain basic self-defense weapons. For people who wish to purchase firearms in order to defend themselves, the government has already reached an agreement to send 500 forms to each of the 19 Emirates in the state. 

To obtain a licence to own a gun or other basic self-defense weapon, a person must go via the Commissioner of Police. For the purpose of gathering information about informant activities, a secretariat or centre will be set up. 

People are strongly cautioned and advised to ensure that any information or intelligence about informants is true and nothing but the truth, as the government is taking punitive measures against anyone found to be an informant. 

This information on informants must include correct information on the suspects, including their pictures, correct names, address, and occupation. Anyone who provides false information about another individual shall receive the same punishment as an informant and will be treated as one. 

The state House of Assembly has been asked by the government to enact the informants bill quickly so that it can implement the harsh consequences against informants that are outlined in the bill.

According to Ibrahim Dosara, Commissioner of Information, "Government has ordered for the recruitment of 200 additional Community Protection Guards in each of the 19 emirates of the state, making it 500 per emirate, to increase their manpower and strengthen their force and capacity to deal with the bandits."

A committee was also established by the government to guarantee that the policies were implemented correctly.


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