Soludo is told by IPOB to stop employing the military against your people.


The Indigenous Persons of Biafra have expressed their sorrow at the purported killings of innocent people by Nigeria's joint military operation in the Ogbaru and Nnewi South Local Government Areas of Anambra State, who have no known connections to criminal activity.

The Anambra State Governor, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, was thus warned by the secessionist organisation to speak out against the killings because his "quiet" suggested that he is rivalling Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodimma, in using the military to kill his people.

It questioned whether the governor knew about the military incursions into the local communities.

The governor was supposedly being duped and blackmailed into dancing to the tune of using the military against his people, they continued, as evidenced by recent events.

The group agreed that the military operators were eliminating criminal elements from the state, but said that this was insufficient justification for them to be "slaughtering" innocent individuals at random.

Emma Powerful, the group's media and publicity secretary, said in a statement on Sunday that it was incomprehensible that the "Fulani-controlled" military forces stationed in the area were killing innocent people without any of the local governors denouncing the atrocities.

We don't know if Soludo is aware of this military drill or if it's part of the Federal Government's plans to exterminate more Ndigbo, the statement said.

Yes, we are aware that there are pockets of minor criminal activity in the state, as is the case throughout Nigeria, but that does not justify the Nigeria terrorist military's arbitrary killing of our citizens. In Ogbaru and Nnewi South, the soldiers began randomly shooting unarmed civilians on the street and some of them were killed while inside their homes. Is this kind of military depopulation of your people a part of the agreement you made with Ndigbo's adversaries before being elected governor of Anambra in November? Do you find it amusing to see Fulani terrorists and jihadists posing as Nigerian security forces killing your people? What offences did residents of your state commit, Soludo, that warranted the use of military and police brutality?

The organisation expressed concern that the South-East youngsters are being killed by security forces while the Fulani bandits are purportedly being enlisted in the army and moved there.

It also stated that members of IPOB and the Eastern Security Network were making every effort to suppress criminal activity in the area.

"IPOB family is very disturbed with the continuous massacre of innocent people with no traceable links to criminals by Nigeria Joint Military in an effort to curtail criminality in the East, particularly in Anambra State and Imo State," the statement said in part.

No governor from the east has denounced or spoken out against this outrage and ethnic cleansing, which involves the profiling and killing of innocent young Igbo youths while terrorist youths in the north are being recruited into the Nigerian army, police, and DSS, covered in military uniforms, armed, and sent to our land at the request of some of our governors for "peacekeeping." Because of this, the Caliphate refers to these people as "Useful Idiots".

"Soludo, look at what's going on in Ukpor, Nnewi South LGA, where the military is going house to house searching, killing, and disappearing young people who are 15 years old and older. Over 500 innocent teenagers may have already been killed by Nigeria's terrorist military in the two LGAs.

"Can you show us an instance when terrorists or bandits killed any military personnel and the military stormed and burned down a community in the North? When the Nigerian Army invades Biafra land, they abandon military rules of engagement and behave brutally, like terrorists, by setting our people on fire and mercilessly murdering them.

"We are not requesting that you refrain from taking action against the criminals who are troubling our people, but rather that you order these terrorists who are disguising themselves as Nigerian soldiers, disabuse us and the youth of Anambra, and show us that you have not turned into another Hope Uzodinma of Imo State."


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