3 years old girl is pronounced dead, awakens at her burial, then passes away once again.


After being incorrectly declared dead by physicians, a 3-year-old child awoke during her burial.

The Salinas de Hidalgo Basic Community Hospital has come under fire from the Camila Roxana Martinez Mendoza family for allegedly declaring the infant dead too soon.

On August 17, the young girl's mother, Mary Jane Mendoza, took her to see a paediatrician in the family's hometown of Villa de Ramos because she was having stomach aches, vomiting, and fever.

The infant should be taken to the hospital in San Luis Potos, a state in central Mexico, to be treated for dehydration, the doctor advised.

Her body temperature was lowered by the medical staff at Salinas de Hidalgo Basic Community Hospital, who also put a pulse oximeter on one of her fingers to monitor her oxygen saturation levels.

Although Camila was given a prescription for paracetamol and was discharged from the hospital, her condition got worse throughout the day.

A new physician treated her, who gave her mother the advice to give her fruits and water in addition to prescribing a different prescription.

The child's parents took her to another doctor after she kept vomiting in spite of the medication, who advised that she be taken right away to the emergency hospital.

Between 9 and 10 p.m., Camila was readmitted to Salinas, where medical professionals laboured to treat the young patient.

Her mom stated: "They desired to present her (intravenous therapy). Oxygen was administered to her slowly. Because they couldn't locate her tiny veins, they didn't place it on her; eventually, a nurse did."

The girl's IV was removed after about 10 minutes, and she was then brought away to rest.

She was still clutching me when they carried her away and told her mother, "You have to let her rest in peace," the mother recalled.

Mendoza claimed that after that, she was kept apart from her ill daughter in a secure area.

She managed to escape, but she was still unable to enter the room where her daughter was being held.

Dehydration was later confirmed as Camila's cause of death.

A viewing for the toddler's funeral was conducted the following day for friends and family to grieve.

Mendoza saw the coffin's glass window fogging up during the viewing.

The grieving mother was discouraged from opening the coffin by other mourners, who assumed she was having hallucinations.

When Camila's paternal grandma reportedly saw her eyes moving and then realised she had a pulse, she reportedly hurried to get a closer look.

Camila was taken back to the Salinas hospital by ambulance, where medical professionals tried to revive her without success.

Then, due to a cerebral edoema, she was once more pronounced dead (brain swelling).

Mendoza declared: "My baby had really reached that point. My kid was a very joyful person who got along with everyone and didn't single anyone out, thus we are devastated. She was loved by many people on the ranch, and they help us."

Camila's parents were given two death certificates; the first said that the only cause of death was dehydration, while the second mentioned dehydration, cerebral edoema, and metabolic failure.

The distraught mother uttered: "I really want justice to be done, that's all. I don't hold anything against the doctors who used drastic steps. I just ask that the directors, nurses, and medical staff be replaced in order to prevent a repeat of the incident."

Jose Luis Ruiz, the state's attorney general for San Luis Potos, has verified that an autopsy is being conducted in the case.

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