According to a medical expert speaking to NASS, Nigerian legislation authorises organ harvesting without the owner's consent.


According to a medical expert speaking to NASS, Nigerian legislation authorises organ harvesting without the owner's consent.
According to Prof (Dr.) Philip Njemanze, Chairman of the Global Prolife Alliance, Nigeria's National Health Act 2014 allows for the harvesting of an individual's organs without their consent.

Njemanze, an International Academician of Science, voiced concern that, if urgent action is not taken to modify the Act, millions of Nigerians may soon perish from legalised organ poaching.

He listed several disputed provisions of the NHAct 2014 that need to be changed for the protection of Nigerians, including sections 13, 20, 43, 45, 48, 51, 53, and 58.

Senator Ifeanyi Okowa sponsored the National Health Act, which was signed into law by President Goodluck Jonathan's administration.

Njemanze, the owner of the Chidicon Medical and Research Center in Owerri and a former chairman of the Catheter Medical Practitioners Association, claimed in a lengthy submission to the National Assembly on the urgent need to amend the National Health Act that doing nothing would have implications for national security.

"National security needs Federal Government Amendment of the National Health Act 2014," he said, "to stop the stealing of ovarian eggs and mass harvesting of human organs."

We would want to draw your attention to the National Health Act 2014 (NHAct) Statutes, which allows the illegal harvesting of ovarian eggs and the trafficking of human organs, both of which may result in the deaths of millions of Nigerians."

We thus issue a warning that the implementation of the NHAct without the suggested revisions will enable the activities of the International Organized Criminal Cartel on the trafficking of human organs and ovarian eggs. On the other hand, Nigeria would be saved if the crime was stopped right away and exposed!"

He made stunning claims about the National Health Act 2014's foreign backers and described the Act's risks in detail.

He stated: "In order to keep wealthy Western patients alive until therapeutic human organ cloning is successful, the first phase of this project in Nigeria will supply the human organs. Within the next five to ten years, Western economies are expected to generate 30 trillion US dollars (one-third of the global economy) in revenue from organ cloning using embryonic stem cells!" 

This is the G7 nations' expected Western Economic Recovery Plan, which aims to catch up to Asia. Many billionaire investors and the majority of Western governments wholly portray billionaire philanthropic actions in favour of this agenda. How does that function? 

The sick person's heart's nucleus, which has all of its genetic material, must be removed and placed in an IVF-obtained human ovarian egg from a woman in order to clone a tissue like the heart." The new cell is grown into a heart in tissue culture so that it can be transplanted into the sick person. Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer is the term for the procedure of moving the nucleus to the egg (SCNT). Has it succeeded? Yes! 

In trials using Dolly the Sheep, a cloned animal, SCNT was used. They will require millions of human ovarian eggs to perfect the SCNT procedure for therapeutic cloning. The collection of women's ovarian eggs for this experimentation has been outlawed in all Western nations." 

However, laws like the British Embryology Law forbid the use of human eggs from Europe and America while allowing the use of animal and African human eggs! It has been calculated that for approximately 5 years, at least 100 million ovarian eggs would need to be stolen from 10 million Nigerian women 

"These multiple hormonal injections that stimulate the ovaries given at IVF Clinics will cause Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome complications, which will cause these Nigerian women to pass away shortly after. In-vitro fertilisation would be used to get the ovarian eggs (IVF). If a woman wants to become pregnant or is donating her ovarian eggs, she must undergo the process." 

Nigerians are being used as fronts by IVF clinics in Nigeria as they grow under the sponsorship of foreign owners who are harvesting ovarian eggs! What would therefore induce Nigerian women to undergo IVF? They established a broad vaccination campaign to do this, which was funded by the wealthy "philanthropist" and his affiliated "reputable" international and national organisations. Even if the international agencies deny it, the polio and tetanus vaccinations have occasionally been given in combination with "sterilising chemicals."

"The billionaires worked together to accomplish this goal under the UN flag of deception that enthrals the majority of Nigerian officials for 20 years by funding and staffing the UN agencies with vital personnel! Over 90% of the businesses engaged in embryonic stem cell research are owned by billionaires. 

Common vaccines have been mixed with an infertility chemical that lowers human chorionic gonadotropin (anti-HCG) to cause miscarriages as a result of "philanthropic" vaccine donations. A vaccine that prevents pregnancy in women (human chorionic gonadotropin/birth control vaccine) Proc. Nati. Acad. Sci. 

USA. 1994;91:8532-8536 is an example of how this has been done successfully with the tetanus vaccine and other common vaccines.

"Using IVF, ovarian eggs could be poached after receiving a series of hormone injections. Nigerian ladies who face the difficulty of being bare may turn to IVF, where 12 ovarian eggs may be poached and a maximum of 2 used for trials. The remainder are sold by IVF clinics to Western research facilities studying embryonic stem cells. Nigeria is the leading exporter of human ovarian eggs, according to a report by the European Union (see attached Jana Tutkova, "Human Egg Trafficking in Europe," European Policy Officer, Core 30th March 2006). ”

"Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome complications could result in the deaths of ten million Nigerian women in two to three years (liver failure, kidney failure, cancers, infections, etc). The NHAct 2014 was created to covertly safeguard these unlawful activities in Nigeria by creating an enabling system law. The so-called good laws were designed as decorative window dressing to hide the fundamental criminal laws."


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