Family sues partner after their adolescent daughter used his HIV-positive blood to inject into her body as a sign of her devotion.


The parents of a young girl who used her boyfriend's HIV-positive blood to inject into her body as proof of her love for him have filed a lawsuit against him.

A 15-year-old girl from Assam in northeastern India made headlines last week as a result of the hasty choice.

According to Kalinga TV, the couple had been dating for almost three and a half years after connecting on Facebook.

They had previously made several attempts to flee together, but each time the girl's parents found them and brought their daughter back.

While the girl is reportedly being monitored by doctors, the boyfriend has now been taken into custody by the police.

Although there is currently no evidence on whether or not the guy was aware of what the girl's intentions were, it is said that the girl was conscious of the risk she was taking when she used the syringe to inject herself.

After learning of the injection, it is believed that the girl's family members filed a lawsuit against the boyfriend.

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