Former minister: APC has destroyed Nigeria


Bolaji Abdullahi, a former minister of sports and youth development, encouraged Nigerians on Wednesday to vote the All Progressive Congress out of power in the 2023 elections, claiming that the current ruling party had destroyed the country.

According to the former minister, Nigerians will have another historic chance to restore order to their country at the general elections in 2023.

He claimed that the ambition of making Nigeria great could only be realised if voters drove out APC-aligned politicians in the course of elections.

This was stated by Abdullahi, the PDP's candidate for the Kwara central senatorial seat in the upcoming general election, while speaking at the 33rd session of the "Media Parliament" of the Kwara State Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists in Ilorin.

On "Retooling Nigeria For the Task Ahead," he said.

"The APC government has dragged this nation to its knees," Abdullahi declared. In the past seven years, everything we believed was impossible has occurred. We cannot in any way absolve APC of the issues facing this nation. The APC has destroyed our nation. Any politician running for office under the APC should receive a firm no from Nigerians. Nigeria has a historic opportunity to get back to work in 2023.

Every Nigerian today experiences fear due to the issues with insecurity and poverty. There are 90 million of the poorest people in Nigeria today. However, it appears that we are unaware of how serious the issue is. We continue as if nothing is wrong. We are bandaging cancer as a form of treatment.

The first coup attempt in Nigeria occurred in 1966, according to Abdullahi, who also claimed that no country can have peace without justice.

"Our leaders should have realised after the civil war that the Nigeria the British handed us was unworkable," he continued. The annulment of June 12 was another chance we squandered to transform Nigeria into a real nation; we ought to have reorganised the country at that time. In 1999, we chose to elect one of the Yoruba as president after diagnosing the problem as a Yoruba one. We missed many possibilities during the June 12 disaster.

The former Minister demanded an immediate solution to the ongoing ASUU strike in order to prevent the nation's education system from completely collapsing.

He contends that a peaceful resolution to the dispute is necessary so that students can get back to their academic pursuits.

He expressed concern over the nation's security issues and added that all hands must be on deck to find a long-term solution.

In order to secure the country's continued progress, Abdullahi also urged the youth to contribute their fair share.

Ahmed Abdulateef, the chairman of the Nigerian Union of Journalists Kwara state council, had earlier urged cooperation among all interested parties to improve the nation.


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