Keyamo urges preachers not to make political predictions.


Keyamo urges preachers not to make political predictions.
Festus Keyamo (SAN), the minister of state for labour and employment and spokesman for the All Progressives Congress presidential campaign, has counselled pastors and other religious leaders to draw lessons from 2015 and refrain from endorsing specific candidates ahead of the general election in 2023.

Keyamo also urged the clergy to "face their core missions" in an exclusive conversation with our Abuja-based reporters.

He declared, "Having pastors support one candidate over another is excellent for the nation, but if that candidate loses, they will return to their original mission. They are making a mistake, but it is crucial that they continue to do so. In 2015, I had hoped they would have learned their lesson and kept politics and religion separate, but they have not. Only God has the authority to grant power and to decide who receives it. God has not given them the authority to pick a leader for a country. However, God will revoke their mandate to win souls if you attempt to commit that error. They made a mistake by supporting a candidate they lost in 2015 and again in 2019, and now they are doing it again. We were admonished that Christians don't become involved in politics, and I grew up preaching door to door. They have a responsibility to guide people into God's kingdom rather than the Presidential Villa. Heaven is not a villa. God is allowing everything to happen now so that they will realise their faults and that they have led the church in the wrong direction by 2023.

The senior counsel responded, "There is no persecution going on," when challenged about the Muslim-Muslim ticket of his party and the allegations of Christian persecution in Nigeria. The vice presidential candidate's position cannot safeguard their interests if they are seeking to do so. The VP has complete deference to the President. If such were the case, why are they complaining about Buhari's prosecution? There are three branches of government: the executive, legislative branch, and judicial branch.

"The Senate President is the only one who has the authority to check and initiate an impeachment motion against the President. That can't be done by the VP. They should go and look for someone who will become the Senate President and make every effort to ensure he emerges if they believe we are trying to Islamize the nation, which is an allegation that is untrue. They are not currently doing that calculation. The APC is supported as the optimal calculation. The majority in the Senate will most likely be produced, and we will negotiate for the Senate President to be someone who will represent their interests. Instead of going the way they are, it is what they ought to be doing.

It is virtually impossible to convert Nigeria to Islam. constitution There is nothing to worry about. The chapel church will operate, and my candidate's wife is a preacher," he continued.


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