A certificate states that Queen Elizabeth passed away due to old age.


A certificate states that Queen Elizabeth passed away due to old age.
According to her death certificate, which was made public on Thursday, Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8 at 3:10 p.m. due to "old age," or nearly three and a half hours before the news was made public.

At her Scottish Highlands estate Balmoral Castle, the 96-year-old monarch passed away.

Elizabeth, who began her 70-year reign as monarch in 1952, was the longest-reigning monarch in British history.

Her death was reported on September 16 by Princess Anne, the sole child of the queen, according to the document made public by the National Records of Scotland.

In a statement released by Buckingham Palace on September 13, Anne said that she was present for her mother's final 24 hours.

The death certificate for the monarch states that she passed away at "Balmoral Castle," that her "usual abode" was Windsor Castle, that her late spouse Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was her husband, and that her parents' full names are King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

Her Majesty The Queen is mentioned in the "occupation" section.

The law only applies to the sovereign's subjects, therefore if the queen had passed away in England, there would not have been a need to file a death certificate.

However, because Scotland has a different legal system from England and Wales and requires that "the death of every person" be registered, the 1836-era law does not apply there.

Her death coincided with the absence of the queen's two younger sons, Princes Andrew and Edward, Edward's wife Sophie, and Prince William's grandson, Balmoral.

They arrived at Balmoral shortly after 5:00 p.m. after landing at Aberdeen airport in North-East Scotland at 3:50 p.m. Prince Harry, William's younger brother, arrived there later in the evening.

King Charles III, the eldest son and heir apparent of the queen, was rumored by his staff to have arrived at Balmoral earlier in the day.

The fact that the queen's cause of death was just recorded as "old age" and no additional causes were included could put an end to rumors that she was afflicted with a specific illness in the final year of her life.

She fulfilled her last significant constitutional obligation two days before she died away by accepting Boris Johnson's resignation as prime minister and requesting that Liz Truss form a cabinet.

But in official pictures showing her smiling and leaning on a staff, the back of her hand was covered with a dark purple bruise.

Later, a spokeswoman for Truss informed journalists that the new prime minister was informed of the queen's passing at 4:30 that day.

At 6:30 pm, the news was formally made public.

Since spending an unexpected night in a private London hospital in October 2021, when she was forced to cancel a number of formal engagements, the queen's health had been deteriorating.

Her "episodic mobility problems"—difficulties walking and standing—led to her utilizing a stick and even a motorized buggy during public occasions, according to Buckingham Palace, which blamed the cancellations on them.

She was hospitalized earlier this year for a COVID infection and later said she felt "exhausted" as a result.

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