Adamu charges Tinubu with operating as a one-man show.


Adamu charges Tinubu with operating as a one-man show.
Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the APC's presidential candidate, has come under pressure from the party's leadership and national working committee just one week after announcing his roster of campaign advisers.

Senator Abdullahi Adamu, the National Chairman of the APC, wrote and signed a stern letter to Tinubu, who is still on holiday in London, accusing him of arrogantly rejecting their input into the making of his presidential campaign council.

A 422-man committee led by political heavyweights and other important figures was introduced by Tinubu on Friday to oversee the campaign council's numerous subcommittees.

James Faleke, the Secretary of the Presidential Campaign Council, revealed the list of members in Abuja after a series of delays and rumors about who would be tasked with directing the ruling party's effort to maintain power at the federal level.

Tinubu and APC National Chairman Abdullahi Adamu serve as co-deputy chairs of the campaign council, which is presided over by President Major General Muhammadu Buhari (ret.).

APC governors, ministers, MPs, ambassadors, as well as current and former public office holders, are also members of the PCC.

Directors, deputy directors, and secretaries of directorates were also chosen, along with zonal and state coordinators, advisers, and campaign supporters.

Media and publicity, support group coordination, national youth mobilization, parliamentarian, trade and economics, agriculturists/commodities, campaign planning, civil societies, the Diaspora directorate, election planning and monitoring, finance, fund raising, and humanitarian/social issues are among the subcommittees.

Others include information technology and data management, intelligence and security, labor, logistics and other support services, health care, policy research and strategy, protocol and events, and others.

But a resolute Adamu wrote that the three-man committee formed to harmonize it were not accurately represented on the council membership list.

The National Organising Secretary, the National Legal Adviser, and the Deputy Women Leader made up the three-person national working committee.

"On behalf of the National Working Committee of the All Progressives Congress, I have the honor to convey to you, in truth and respect, the Committee's opinion and position, regarding the above-mentioned subject matter, with a view to having a clear understanding about the respective roles and responsibilities of the main organs of the Party charged with the duties of conducting the campaigns in the f

"Given the recent developments surrounding the alleged nominations into the Presidential Campaign Council (PCC), which were made hastily by Council officials without seeking agreement from the NWC, this correspondence has become necessary. The NWC has always been inclined toward the campaign in a cooperative manner that is motivated by the overall interest of the Party and the solitary desire of victory for our candidates, who are you, sir, and your running mate.

"In light of this, the NWC was shocked and sorry to learn of the PCC's press announcement on September 23, 2022, which purported to publish a list of appointees but in reality acted as the Party's Presidential Campaign Council's approved participant roster.

"The claimed list violated the principles and aims of the preparations that you and I had led towards the adoption of the Organogram of the PCC, and its major officials, not only because it completely caught the NWC and the Party leadership off guard.

Maybe the passage of time has made it necessary for me to call Your Excellency's attention to the agreements we made in principle regarding the final adoption of the PCC list, based on the understanding that it was a work in progress until such time as the Joint NWC/PCC Committee, which was established to formalize the structure and populate the list, submits its report.

"Your Excellency will undoubtedly remember our discussions on September 7, 2022, in my office as well as in the NWC Conference Room at the Party's National Secretariat, where we discussed the specifics of the Organogram of the PCC and its composition as a joint effort between the two organizations. We have no doubts after recalling those discussions that there has been a breach of the contract and that collaboration and respect for one another must be resumed.

There is a weight on everyone's shoulders to deliver the elections to the Party and the candidate, as indicated in Your Excellency's own words, which I have the liberty to cite here and which I also value much. The NWC and I have held this position ever since Your Excellency became the Flagbearer of our Great Party.

"Under challenging conditions, the NWC is working to uphold this goal and lead our Party and candidates to victory—not just in the presidential race, but in every other election for public office, as well.

May I thus draw Your Excellency's attention to the fact that winning an election requires both cooperation and collaboration on the part of all parties involved, as well as openness and objectivity, respect for set boundaries, and appreciation of everyone's contributions. The NWC is of the opinion that any indication of discord within the Party will damage the campaign's ethos and spirit and cause unwarranted worry among the Party's devoted supporters across the nation.

However, such a scenario would definitely be "Manna from Heaven" for the opposition parties, whose only wish, in the event that everything else fails, is to see resentment, discord, and disinterest introduced in our Great Party's leadership.

"Your Excellency would undoubtedly concur with me that we must do everything in our ability to prevent this possibility from occurring. You will also concur that we have a responsibility as leaders to set a good example for the rest of the Party, including the PCC, by upholding agreements and rigidly adhering to the work ethos that we have all adopted. We can only do this if we want to win and earn the respect and confidence of our beloved countrymen and women.

"Without more reprimand or complaint, I hereby request Your Excellency to stop the PCC from launching projects of this kind on its own and to commit to cooperating with all parties in order to lead our Party to success. It won't be necessary for me to emphasize the significance of the Party in the grand scheme of things throughout these campaigns or the unique role played by the NWC in advancing our goal of winning the popular vote.

"It is enough for me to convey the overall and unanimous feeling of the NWC regarding the unfortunate and ill-timed release of the PCC list, which confused rather than pleased the members and whose withdrawal will assure the NWC of Your Excellency's respect and attitude toward the Party as well as the gracious spirit of cooperation towards achieving victory together with the NWC."


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