Bandits Threaten To Kill A Baby And Give The Family 48 Hours To Pay N50m In Ransom.


Bandits Threaten To Kill A Baby And Give The Family 48 Hours To Pay N50m In Ransom.
Three sisters were abducted in Kaduna, Nigeria, along with a pregnant housewife who gave birth while being held captive. The kidnappers have threatened to kill the hostages, including the newborn child, if the family does not pay N50m in ransom within two days.

On July 17, 2022, the three sisters were abducted while caring for their ailing mother at their family home in the Mando region of the state.

The detainees' relatives revealed that they had raised N6.5 million of the required ransom.

The victim's brother, Kabir Yusuf, pleaded to the government and good-hearted Nigerians to help the family, stating, "We have only been able to raise N6.5m, which was rejected by the robbers, during a press conference with journalists in Kaduna.

"I begged my sister's kidnappers and told them we had sold all we owned to get N6.5 million, but they (the bandits) rejected it," the victim said. On Sunday, my sisters complained to me that they were being abused and that we should talk to the bandit commander because he wants to leave the camp and might not come back for a time. However, I explained to them that even though we had sold everything, the money raised was intangible, and we had nothing left to sell. They started crying, and I started crying as well.

"Now, the troubling development is that, on Sunday, I begged them to free my sisters and the new baby because we had only been able to raise N6.5 million, but they insulted me and threatened to kill my sisters and the baby if we did not raise N50 million in the next two days.

"To help us secure their release, we are pleading with the Federal Government, Kaduna State Government, charitable organizations, philanthropists, and good-hearted people. We do not want them to experience any harm. Only God knows what impact their demise would have on our mother, who is now confined to a wheelchair as a result of their kidnapping.


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