Former Assistant to Bode George Leaves PDP


Prince Uthman Shodipe-Dosunmu, a former adviser to Chief Olabode George, the former Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has left the PDP.

In a letter to the PDP Chairman, Ward A1, Lagos Island Local Government, Shodipe-Dosunmu claimed that he had given 17 years of loyal service to the party without receiving anything in return.

He added that he lost his brother while serving the PDP.

"I have served the PDP for more than 17 years with selflessness, steadfast resolution, and dedication to the party and leadership," he declared. I have never sought out any positions of power or influence. I performed my duties with patience and steadfast sincerity without complaining, holding a grudge, seeking gain, or harbouring any sort of monetary animosity.

"I toiled in the gloomy hours for years, longing for the light days. It never took place. I put up with the darts of animadversion and the slings of jealousy. With the heroic cloak of God's holy light, I overcame the crude conspirators and nasty small men's foolishness.

"I used millions of dollars of my own money, together with countless lectures and publications with fervent public articulations, to improve and grow the People's Democratic Party in Lagos State.

"In the process, I created countless enemies and, in essence, put my life and the lives of my family members in jeopardy due to my adherence to what I believed to be the truth and the sacredness of the established order.

"During the awful hours of fate, I even lost my younger brother, Prince Muis Adediran Shodipe-Dosunmu, who was the State Secretary at the time. But I persisted in my faith. I maintained my course. I bore the trials of life in peaceful, unremarkable solitude.

"However, every beginning must come to an end. I've completed my PDP course. I've shared my tale. My trip is completed. A new journey is about to begin.

"I must now say goodbye. I must now relocate to the other island where merit is respected, where diligence and moral compass are given consideration, and where excellence is fostered by the embrace of a pan-Nigerian leadership with doting restlessness.

I hereby present my irrevocable resignation as a member of the People's Democratic Party at this time, at this hour, and at this minute.


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