Four babies in Delta die, and the doctor is found to be drunk.


Four newborn babies' families are now in grief after they perished at Sapele Central Hospital in the Sapele Local Government Area of Delta State, allegedly as a result of the attending physician's incompetence.

While mourning their loss, the victims' families also claimed that the hospital's doctor was intoxicated and that there was no power.

Patients, family members, and visitors at the hospital reportedly protested in response to the discovery and criticised the hospital's administration for the victims' deaths.

All the women who were due to give birth lost their kids in a single night, according to Benjamin Ikeji, a relative of one of the grieving mothers.

"I and my sister's husband waited until 10pm," he said. "When we brought my sister to this hospital, the doctor told us that it was not yet time for her delivery.

"At midnight, my sister reported that the baby was stuck and the nurses were helpless without the doctor.

The doctor I met in the morning told me there was nothing he could do because there was no light. Before I left that evening, I bought fuel for them, and the next thing I learned was that my sister had lost the baby.

While grieving the loss of his infant, Newton Oroba, another victim, revealed that his wife had been traumatised by the tragedy.

The doctor on duty was inebriated, he declared. Around nine o'clock in the evening, we arrived at the hospital, then departed. Upon returning the following morning, my wife claimed to have lost her infant.

When the doctor was spotted by some patients and family members of the deceased victims, they reportedly accosted him and demanded an explanation for why he had been absent while on duty.

A response from hospital staff was not obtained despite repeated attempts to contact them.

As of the time this report was filed, Dr. Mordi Ononye, the state's commissioner for health, has not returned calls or a text sent to his phone number.


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