Kogi - Bello warns traditional leaders against entertaining trespassers.


Kogi - Bello warns traditional leaders against entertaining trespassers.
Yahaya Bello, the governor of Kogi State, has issued a warning to the state's traditional leaders not to entertain hostile intruders within their domain, a move that would be met with vehement hostility and resistance from his administration in the future.

The governor said this while gathering First and Second Class traditional leaders from the state's 21 Local Governments to talk about security-related problems, particularly as election season approaches.

"Election season is quickly approaching; you all have connections both inside and outside the state and have sons and daughters who are considering running for office on the platforms of different political parties. In this season, we require harmony, safety, peace, and cooperation, he said.

The governor stated that it was his duty to ensure that lives and means of subsistence are secured and protected. He emphasised that the state has improved its security and safety in comparison to previous administrations, so any display of alien characteristics by any individual would result in a measurable response from the government.

In the upcoming political era, he declared that, within the bounds of the law, he would not tolerate any acts of criminality, violence, or brigandage. He also urged them to warn the sons and daughters of their community, regardless of political affiliation, because the government would not take anyone's advice when dealing with those found instigating or supporting violence.

While urging every traditional stakeholder to work with his government to achieve this aim, Governor Bello remarked that, in addition to his administration's plan to enhance infrastructure, unity, cooperation, and inclusivity were notable legacies he wanted his administration to be recognised for.

The governor urged traditional chiefs who did not live in their area to return to it and live among their people since it was against the terms of the assignment they had been given and they could not rule effectively from outside their area.

The governor commended the state's traditional leaders for their contributions to the numerous gains in security, peace, and cohesion, but he cautioned them to keep up their proper roles so that the state may continue to serve as an example for other states in the nation.

In his vote of appreciation, the state's deputy governor, Edward Onoja, thanked the ministry of local government and chieftaincy affairs for seeing to it that the state's chieftaincy sector was not only stable but also steadily improving.

He thanked the governor for putting Kogi State first over any primordial sentiments, which he noted has further fostered peace, and he thanked the traditional rulers for praying for the state, the government, and the governor, urging them to continue in this role so that the state would continue to experience peace.

Speaking earlier at the event, HRM Matthew Opaluwa, the Attah of Igala Kingdom and President of the Kogi State Traditional Council, commended the state government for having an effective security architecture while expressing the opinion that traditional institutions and political parties should work together to ensure a peaceful electioneering season.

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