Man Sentenced for Using Carton Pieces as Cash to Purchase Clothes


Man Sentenced for Using Carton Pieces as Cash to Purchase Clothes
Hassan Sule, 26, of Kuta, Shiroro LGA, was remanded in custody by a magistrates' court in Maikunkele, the capital of Niger State's Bosso LGA, for using a wrap of cartons he broke into Naira denominations to purchase clothing worth N44,000 there.

Inspector Bature Sidi, the prosecutor, informed the court that Samuel Okoro, the owner of a boutique in the Emir Junction neighbourhood of Minna, had deceitfully given the suspect a wrap of cartons in a nylon bag disguised as money on September 8 in order to get him to choose clothes worth N44,000 and bring him to the Bosso Police Station.

According to information obtained by City & Crime, the suspect allegedly trimmed cartons to the size of N1,000 notes and placed them in a bunch with one N1,000 wrapped in a black nylon to represent a bunch of N1,000,000 that he asked the proprietor of the boutique to store for him.

According to the prosecutor, when the owner of the store grew suspicious, he took the garments and handed him the nylon to open, whereupon he discovered that it was not a collection of N1,000 bills as the defendant had said.

Additionally, he testified before the court that the suspect had previously deceitfully stolen clothing worth N81,000 from the same store and refused to pay, despite many attempts to contact him.

The suspects were remanded in custody and the case was continued to September 28 by Magistrate Murtala Ibrahim.


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