The INEC suggests publishing the voter register in January 2023.


The INEC suggests publishing the voter register in January 2023.
Prior to the 2023 general election, the Independent National Electoral Commission has recommended publishing the voter register on January 2023.

This information was provided by the Commission on Monday during the two-day workshop on building capacity for the INEC Press Corps on important topics related to the Electoral Act of 2022 and the Commission's processes, innovations, and preparations for the general election of 2023.

Out of the 2, 523,458 new registrants who registered between June 28, 2021, and January 14, 2022, INEC discovered 1,126,359 records to be invalid and delisted them, according to INFOGONG.

In addition, several double, multiple, and ineligible registrants were found by INEC, and as a result, they were all disqualified. They also included entries that did not follow the commission's business rules.

The Electoral Commission claimed that the publication was done in accordance with section 10(6) of the Electoral Act 2022, which stated that "as soon as claims and objections has expired, the supplementary list shall be included in the revised register which shall be certified by the Commission as the official register of voters for the purpose of any election conducted under this act and supersedes all previous registers."

The Commission will certify the voter list that will be utilised for the general election in 2023 in accordance with the aforementioned clause.

"It is proposed to hold the publishing of the voter list in January 2023."


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