A tanker crashes and catches fire in a hamlet in Anambra.


A tanker crashes and catches fire in a hamlet in Anambra.
A tanker carrying petroleum product crashed into a ditch in the neighborhood of Nkwelle Ezunaka, close to Onitsha, Anambra State, on Saturday, causing a fire event.

An eyewitness claims that the tanker driver lost control and slid into the ditch, spilling its contents and causing a wildfire to break out nearby.

Residents reportedly ran away from their homes out of fear of being consumed by the flames.

An angry mob who objected to the firefighters' tardiness in arriving at the scene rushed them back.

The mob attacked the firefighters with stones and other deadly objects, leading them to turn around and flee the scene out of fear that their tools would also be destroyed.

Martin Agbili, the fire chief of the Anambra State Fire Service, confirmed the occurrence and bemoaned the community's disrespect for the firefighters.

Agbili, however, claimed that police officers and vigilantes from the Nkwelle Ezunaka neighborhood were able to provide support, allowing the firefighters to return and carry out their duties.

He continued by saying that while others fled the area, two people who were involved in throwing stones at his troops had been taken into custody.

"It is quite regrettable that people behave in such a disgusting manner toward firemen and the fire service," he said.

"When my crew and the first fire engines arrived at the T-Junction, Nkwelle, fire scene, people began throwing stones at them. People need to understand that the fire department is not the cause of the fire; they are simply called to help when a fire breaks out.

"After involving the Nigeria Police Force and the Vigilante, two of them who threw stones at my men have been caught, while some others who have been identified are still at large.

"My men were taken back to the location of the fire by the Nigeria Police and Local Vigilante squad. Finally, the fire has been brought under control thanks to the return of our firefighters and fire trucks to the fire scene.


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