Clark: Floods are evidence that the Federal Government of Nigeria has ignored the needs of the Niger Delta.


Clark: Floods are evidence that the Federal Government of Nigeria has ignored the needs of the Niger Delta.
Chief Edwin, an elder statesman and the First Republic Federal Information Commissioner, has voiced his worry over the plight of flood victims in the Niger Delta and urged the federal government to take immediate action in the face of impending calamities and humanitarian crises.

He questioned why the government's Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development, whose job it is to ensure strategic disaster mitigation, preparedness, and response, hasn't sent any aid to the people of the Niger Delta but has provided food for those who have been displaced and made vulnerable due to banditry in Sokoto State.

In addition, the Ijaw chieftain issued a challenge to President Major General Muhammadu Buhari (ret.) to name any development his regime has carried out in the Niger Delta region, with the exception of the Maritime University in Okerenkoko, Delta State.

Reporters in Abuja on Sunday acquired a statement from Clark headed "The awful situations of flood victims - Need for Federal Government to act immediately, not to forsake the Niger Delta," in which she voiced these concerns.

He predicts that the flood of 2022 will be even more devastating than the one in 2012.

He urged several branches of the federal government to "act swiftly and earnestly." And it is on upon those providing aid to make sure it reaches the intended recipients. The U.S. government needs to move quickly. There is imminent danger.

Even in 2012, I remember it being so awful that I visited some of the flood-ravaged areas in Bayelsa and Delta States with some relief supplies to encourage the flood victims. Because in times like these, any help given to the victims is greatly appreciated.

Because of being older and all the problems that comes with it, I regret having to admit that I cannot travel to offer my support personally or provide material aid at this time. Regrettably, the Federal Government doesn't seem to give a hoot about the suffering of the Niger Delta's residents.

For example, in Bayelsa State, an obvious humanitarian disaster is unfolding. Yenagoa, the capital city, and many of the surrounding settlements are all below sea level. People in the state who are without a permanent home have resorted to making makeshift beds out of cellophane bags affixed to sticks positioned in the water.

There is widespread starvation, no potable water is available, the State has been cut off from all of her food supplies, and even her power has been turned off. Having been forced from their native habitats by the flood, reptiles and other animals of all kinds—aquatic, terrestrial, and amphibian—now share living quarters with humans in their dwellings. Being put in such jeopardy is terrifying. The Federal Government has done little to alleviate the people's hardship.

During his Saturday tour of impacted areas, Bayelsa State Governor Douye Diri reportedly indicated that the federal government had not provided the state with any financial aid or relief supplies.

"A few days ago, when he made a donation to the flood victims in Rivers State, the Governor of Rivers State, Ezenwon Nyesom Wike, also made similar statement. It's an emergency, and the country has departments and authorities that are intended to take care of it," he said.

To which Clark replied, "the same gesture should, please, immediately and swiftly be extended to the States of the Niger Delta, and other places, which are being ravaged by water."

He explained that the Ministry's mandate involves the implementation of fair, focused, social inclusion and protection initiatives in Nigeria, therefore the urgent need for food, water, medical, and other needs is not surprising. The Niger Delta flood victims have also not been visited by the National Emergency Management Agency, which was set up to deal with disaster management.


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