India bridge collapse claims 60 lives.


India bridge collapse claims 60 lives.
Sixty people were killed on Sunday when a suspension bridge in India, which was built 100 years ago, gave way.

An initial report indicated 50-60 people had died and 100 were injured, however a minister has since confirmed that the actual death toll is 60.

There have been sixty fatalities. Brijesh Merja, a minister in the state administration of Gujarat, where the accident occurred, told AFP that "more than 80" people had been rescued.

Nearly 500 people, including women and children, were reportedly on or near the bridge when its supporting cables snapped, causing it to collapse into the river below.

Morbi, around 120 miles (200 kilometres) west of Gujarat's capital, Ahmedabad, is where you'll find the bridge.

According to reports from the scene, the bridge collapsed into the Machchhu River while people were performing religious rites in preparation for a major religious event.

The Press Trust of India stated, based on information from local health officials, that at least 32 people had lost their lives.

More than a hundred people were reportedly still missing in the river, with videos purporting to show survivors clinging to the wreckage in the pitch black.

It took seven months of renovations, but the British-era suspension bridge finally reopened to the public on Wednesday.

Authorities immediately began a rescue operation after the collapse, and divers were sent to the site to look for survivors.

Narendra Modi, the Indian prime minister, was visiting his home state of Gujarat when he made the announcement that individuals who had been hurt or killed in the disaster would be compensated.

According to a tweet from Modi's office, the prime minister "sought urgent deployment of personnel for rescue (operations).

He has requested that officials keep a close eye on the situation and provide as much assistance as they can to the victims.

Bridge accidents are widespread in India because of the country's ageing infrastructure and lack of maintenance.

At least 26 people were murdered in 2016 when a flyover in the eastern city of Kolkata collapsed onto a busy roadway. Nearly one hundred injured people were rescued by rescuers from under heavy concrete and metal.

About 20 miles (30 kilometres) from the hill town of Darjeeling in northeast India, a bridge carrying festival crowds collapsed in 2011, killing at least 32 people.

The collapse of a footbridge over a river in the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh less than a week later claimed the lives of roughly 30 people.

At least 34 persons were murdered in a bridge collapse in 2006 at the Bihar, India, train station, when a passenger train crossed the bridge that had stood for 150 years.

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