Tinubu makes fun of Atiku: "I won't rule from Dubai."


Tinubu makes fun of Atiku: "I won't rule from Dubai."
Sunday afternoon in Kano, APC presidential candidate Bola Tinubu promised to put his full attention and resources into serving the Nigerian people if elected.

This came as the ex-governor of Lagos State made light of Peoples Democratic Party presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar by promising that, unlike Abubakar, he would not spend half his time as president in Dubai.

This was announced by Tinubu's media officer, Tunde Rahman, in a statement issued in Abuja shortly after his meeting with followers of the influential Tijjaniyyah sect in Kano.

I shall not divide my time as President between Dubai and Nigeria," the statement said in part. If I were Nigeria's president, I'd put all my efforts towards meeting and conquering the country's most critical difficulties.

Less than two months had passed since Tinubu's running mate, Senator Kashim Shettima, had mocked the former vice president by calling him a "political tourist" who only came back to the country during election seasons.

Shettima remarked that Nigerians needed a leader whose worth and production could be felt at home, and he praised Atiku as a father figure.

The Tijjaniyyah sect, who endorsed Tinubu on Sunday, have asked for Tinubu's presidency to ensure that members of their sect are included in cabinet and other government appointments, that Hajj fees are lowered, and that work on the currently under construction Tijjaniyyah University in Kano is completed.

In response, Tinubu noted that President Muhammadu Buhari's unveiling of his manifesto on Friday provided the solutions they sought (retd.).

Tinubu made the connection between Kano as a commercial hub and his economic agenda for Nigeria while assuring the northern business leaders of a better business environment with well-thought-out policies.

He explained, "My plan for Nigeria is intrinsically linked to Kano's position as a hub of economic growth. As for my promises, they include a revitalized economy that will restore faith in our nation's future. We aim to contribute to the growth of the whole economy, providing the economic diversity that is so important for the United States.

As I mentioned in my speech at the Arewa House on Monday, Nigeria is a potential goldmine. Across Nigeria, not a single state is deficient in any essential resources. We are committed to discovering and developing these assets to the fullest extent possible for the benefit of our people. Kano, for instance, offers substantial agricultural possibilities and significant natural resources such as gold, silver, nickel, tin ore, and columbite beneath its ground. If we can find ways to harness them, it will be a huge boon to our national economy.


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