PDP: Peter Obi Will Be Treated Like A Leper In Anambra


PDP: Peter Obi Will Be Treated Like A Leper In Anambra
The Peoples' Democratic Party (PDP) chapter in Anambra state has criticized Mr. Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party (LP), claiming that he cannot compete with Atiku Abubakar, the party's nominee.

Uloka Chibuike, the Anambra State spokeswoman for the PDP Presidential Campaign Committee, made the declaration in a release on Thursday.

He claimed that because of Peter Obi's continued low voter turnout in Anambra State, he will be treated like a leper there.

Oluka pointed out that despite all chances, Anambra, a PDP state, will vote en masse for Atiku.

He claimed that the poor turnout in the Obi campaigns in the north would be a kid's game in the states of Anambra and the South-East.

The PDP is anticipated to regain over 50,000 members in the state in the upcoming weeks. These were PDP members who defected after being duped, as well as those who realized Atiku Abubakar will win in 2023. said Uloka.

He claimed that given the low turnout during the Labour Party's presidential campaigns in the North, it is obvious that the organization cannot compete with the PDP.

Uloka claims that the Labour Party has been met with a frigid greeting across Nigeria, which is a rejection indication and a reminder that the Labour Party cannot compete in the major political leagues.

Uloka contends that the so-called Obidients give social media an excessive amount of relevance and significance, despite the fact that it only accounts for 12% of the voters.

The Labour Party and Obidients are observing this as they "are progressively losing steam and vitality; the chips are down, and the big league players are out to the arena; the kindergarten players have no choice but to hibernate.

Oluka asserted that Atiku will fulfill his pledge to restructure the country, which is a crucial necessity for Nigeria's South East and ndi-Igbo, if he has the experience and bravery to do so.

According to the spokesman, Atiku's candidacy represents Nigerians' desire for the PDP to retake power.


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