Woman admits, "I combine HIV blood with zobo beverages."


Woman admits, "I combine HIV blood with zobo beverages."
An unnamed HIV-positive lady claimed that in order to infect more people, she mixes her blood with the zobo drink she sells.

On Wednesday night, the aforementioned woman confessed on a radio program called MarketRunz on Wazobia FM.

The host of the program had invited callers to reveal what they do in the marketplace that no one knows about and what they aren't particularly proud of.

"I went to the hospital six months ago and was told I had HIV," the zobo vendor claimed.

"I made the decision that I would not die alone because I lack the funds for therapy. I began adding my blood to the zobo I produce to sell, and I sell it to plenty of people. I use a syringe to draw out my blood, which I then combine with the zobo. I used to be a nurse, but I had to stop after getting the HIV diagnosis.

"I'm not satisfied with what I did, but I'm happy that I won't die by myself," she said.

I've been doing it for the past six months, and I ask God to pardon me.


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