Mr. Ibu disputes the rumor of an affair with his adopted daughter.


Mr. Ibu disputes the rumor of an affair with his adopted daughter.
Popular Nollywood actor John Okafor, also known as Mr. Ibu, has refuted his wife Stella's allegations that he is dating his adopted daughter Jasmine.

In a conversation with a blogger, Stella made the accusation that Mr. Ibu was having an affair with Jasmine. She also claimed that Jasmine had taken control of her husband's Instagram account in an effort to deceive him because he has dementia.

Mr. Ibu refuted the assertion during an Instagram live session with Daddy Freeze, stating that Stella was his second wife and that she was aware of Jasmine's adoption status prior to their marriage.

Daniel Okafor, Mr. Ibu's second son, who also participated in the live session, supported his father's assertion that Jasmine had been an adopted child.

The actor continued by claiming that he has been looking after his wife and kids and that he has even purchased her cars, which she has sold without paying him a penny for.

Jasmine took care of their father after Stella refused to stay with him in the hospital, according to his son, who also claimed that Jasmine paid N500,000 to locate and authenticate his father's Instagram account.

Jasmine was then in Cyprus. She traveled to Abuja after hearing the news to take care of my dad and pay the bills while he was in the hospital," he continued.

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